My Avon Journey

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My Avon Journey So Far!

I started my Avon Journey 2 campaigns ago (each Avon campaign lasts 3 weeks) and have already reached the level of Avon Coordinator. (an Avon Coordinator has 6 active distributors placing orders of £87 or more in a single campaign)

So far I’ve introduced 13 new ladies and gents to Avon so far helping them earn an extra few hundred pounds a month following our training programme, for some this extra income from Avon covers rent payments, monthly bills, repayment of loans & credit cards.

Who can make money with Avon

Anyone can make money with Avon.  I have a full time job running my own IT consultancy and have limited spare time due to family commitments.   I still find the time to distribute and promote my Avon brochures and business, it’s about using the pockets of spare time effectively.

Avon Training Programme

Our Avon Training programme is designed to be simple for anyone to follow and be able to share with others and is available to all new representatives online using our Facebook Support groups.  The Facebook support group are regularly updated and have many experienced representatives who give up their time to provide online advice it’s a really fantastic community of people.

How do you make money with Avon

You can make money with Avon in 3 ways:-

Sharing the Avon Brochures every 3 weeks

Share the brochure with friends & family and benefit from up to 25% commission on all orders placed.

Share the brochure with friends & family and manage a small territory close to your home (approx. 150 houses) and benefit from up to 25% commission on all orders placed.

You can view the latest Avon Brochure online here – currently Avon campaign 13

Promoting your Avon online shop

Promote your online Avon shop using social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter), you can either deliver the products to the customers if they are local to you or Avon can deliver the products direct to the customer.  You can view my shop here to get a feel for how good it is and also see the awesome Avon Products

Sharing the Avon Opportunity and building a team

When you request to become an Avon Advanced Sales Leader, you continue to earn money from your retailing using the Avon Brochures and Avon online shop.  In addition you can now share the Avon opportunity with others who may be interested in

  • Earning an extra income
  • Buying Avon products at a discounted price each month
  • Building a team of representatives and providing excellent support.

If you are interested in earning an extra income with Avon, please get in touch by completing the enquiry form,

if you just wish to get started pleas complete the Avon online registration and we will be in touch to appoint you as a representative very soon.

Please connect with me on Facebook – Michael Williams I’m happy to communicate via Facebook Messenger, or TEXT or WHASSAP +447720 613950 or a simple phone call 🙂

mike.williamsMy Avon Journey

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