Avon Anew Instant Eye Smoother

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Avons Anew Instant Eye Smoother is currently selling one every minute since day of launch*. An under-eye cream that works to help banish the look of under-eye bags, puffiness and wrinkles – in just seconds*. Plus it lasts all day, leaving you looking fabulous from morning to night.

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How to use Avon Anew Instant Eye Smoother:

1. dot a tiny amount under your eye, taking care not to apply too much
2. gently tap (don’t rub) into your skin to form a very thin layer – it will dry in seconds!
3. keep your face still and allow to dry – you’ll feel it instantly begin to tighten

Anew Instant Eye Smoother

Anew Instant Eye Smoother

Get younger looking eyes in seconds with Avon Anew Instant Eye Smoother

See the look of under-eye bags, puffiness, and wrinkles virtually disappear. WORKS IN SECONDS, LASTS ALL DAY!
Share your before & afters.

This instant cosmetic treatment creates an invisible, weightless film on the skin.

  • Deflates under eye bags
  • Smooths out under-eye wrinkles
  • Firms up the look and feel of the eye area

Whether you’ve had a late night, been working too hard or feel your eyes are ageing you more than you’d like then this is for you! Anew Instant Eye Smoother works on tired puffy eyes from morning to evening.

Buy Avon Anew Instant Eye Smoother online

*based on sales in brochure and online on 31/08/2018
*based on a consumer study with 128 participants

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