Avon brochure sales

The glossy brochures sell themselves simply show them to friends, family, work colleagues or you may wish to have an allocated territory to build your customers from.

No upfront payments for orders you take

Join experienced Avon teams

Build your Avon business today

We give you all the tools you need to be successful.

It’s simple, easy to get started, we give you all the support and training you need.

Build your customer base, collect your orders and send them through to Avon. You’ll receive your products in no time whatsoever, with no upfront payments. All you need to then do is deliver them to your happy customers!

All that’s left to do is collect the payment, send some to Avon and most importantly – get paid!

  • I've been delivering catalogues since September 2012 working 10-15 hours a week around my children.  In my first month I earned £700 and am extremely happy with the training and support I have received.

    Sally Thompson
  • I was looking to earn an extra £50pw to save towards holidays for the children.  In my first 4 weeks I earned £225 and worked about 8hrs per week.  I was blown away how simple it was to do the work and could see how my income could grow substantially with some focus and effort.  I was lucky as the person who introduced me provided excellent training and has taught me to do the same.

    Mike Williams
  • I was looking to earn some extra money from home and had looked at a lot of work from home opportunities.  This one was clearly explained by Mike who promised to provide me with all the training and support I needed.  I didn't want to deliver catalogues so Mike showed me how I could make money advertising the products in the catalogue on Facebook, it was as simple as "Copy, Paste and Post".   I got started right away.

    Kay Baralos
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