Finding Avon Customers

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Where Do You Find Avon Customers?

Searching for ways to find more people to buy Avon from you?

As a new Rep (or an existing Rep looking to increase your business) you are probably wondering where do you find your customers.

Here is a quick list of some of my favourite places for finding new Avon customers.

1. Friends & Family
You already know this, but friends and family truly are the best places to start.  Sometimes family members can be skeptical at first don’t let this get you down, if you act positive usually they’ll respond positively back.

Often I’ve found a good tactic for a friend or family member who says ‘You’ll never make ANY money with Avon‘ is to reply, ‘Maybe you could help me get started then, can you leave a few brochures at your work/playgroup/social club for me?‘. Usually you’ll get a reluctant yes but then a few days later they’ll be so proud of themselves for getting you a few orders !

2. Blanket Dropping Brochures
I’m sure we have all done this one with varying degrees of success, and while this isn’t my preferred method of finding customers, if you are consistent you can build up a good customer base.

Usually it takes between 2 or 3 times before someone will order from you, and as a general rule for every 100 brochures you put out, you might receive only 3 or 4 orders.

In the beginning using this method you will break even with your costs, but if you remain consistent and blanket every single campaign (or until a customer says they don’t wish to see a brochure anymore) then you can build up to about 15-20 orders per 100 houses over at least 7-10 campaigns.

After a house hasn’t ordered after 7-10 campaigns then it’s up to you whether to continue to drop at that house or not. I usually leave it for a while, but then drop again at Christmas.

If you decide not to continue dropping at that house, sometimes it’s nice to include a little note on your final drop that says something like:

“Hi, I’m [your name], your local Avon Representative, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the lovely items Avon has in the brochures, if you’d like to continue to see them each campaign (or less often if you prefer), then give me a quick call/email and I’ll make sure you remain on my list of houses to drop to.”

Keep it friendly and no pressure works best.

3. Talking to people you meet
When you meet new people and they ask you what you do, what do you say?

Instead of just replying “I do Avon” or “I sell Avon”, I find the best opening line is to say something enticing and interesting like “I let people pamper themselves at home using Avon products” or even “I let people order their Avon through me direct from the company“.

Saying something different like this usually starts a conversation and then you can ask if they’ve seen a brochure recently and build from there.

4. Talking to Strangers
One of the hardest things to do for most new reps (and even experienced reps) is to ask a stranger if they are interested in Avon.

I find the best way is to either be casually browsing a brochure yourself and if anyone seems to be paying attention to what you are doing, smile and say ‘have you seen the latest brochure?’.

A fellow rep had great success with carrying around a hand cream in her purse. At any sitting opportunity (bus, coffee shop, picking up kids from school) she would apply the hand cream and ask if anyone else needed to use some. Very often people would say yes and then comment on how lovely the hand cream was, at which she would apply, ‘oh I’m an Avon rep, if you ever need any yourself I can get it for you ..’ simple and effective.

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