DING DONG! Avon Man calling

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DING DONG!! – Avon Man Calling

As we know Avon Ladies have been knocking on household doors since the 1950’s, selling & promoting cosmetics and perfumes.

This is certainly the year of The Avon Man, some of this will be due to the demise of similar companies leaving many networkers without an income.

In April 2018 the company I had been working with was no more and my team and I found ourselves with no income.  I reviewed lots of other networking companies, Avon was certainly the one that stood out from the rest with the best products and incredible support systems in place to make sure everyone who wants to succeeds.

If you’re interested in making some extra money and would like some more information please TEXT AVON to 07834 914402

If you just want to get started Click this link to register as an Avon Representative.and we will be in touch very quickly to appoint you,

mike.williamsDING DONG! Avon Man calling