The Avon UK Campaigns Explained

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The Avon UK Campaigns Explained

Avon campaigns, from Campaign 13 2018 all Avon campaigns will be three weeks long.  Previously the campaigns around Christmas and New Year were the only exception at two weeks long. You will be notified of the relevant order and delivery dates on your invoice, or online when you log in.

Avon has 18 campaigns in a year meaning 18 opportunities for you to make money!. For ech campaign you should plan ahead and work back from the date you need to submit your order so you can plan time for when you are going to:

  • Visit your Avon customers and circulate brochures
  • Look for new Avon customers and canvass any roads allocated to you
  • Collect your Avon customer orders
  • Submit your Avon order online.
  • Deliver orders to your Avon Customers and collect their payment
  • Pay Avon for your order.

This process is repeated on a campaign basis. You can use a diary or a calendar to plan your time, working back from the date you need to submit your order to maximise your selling opportunity!

If you’re interested in making some extra money and would like some more information please TEXT AVON to 07834 914402

If you just want to get started Click this link to register as an Avon Representative.and we will be in touch very quickly to appoint you,

All new members can join our fantastic Facebook Support groups which are run by highly experienced Avon Sales Leaders who love helping others succeed.

mike.williamsThe Avon UK Campaigns Explained