Become an AVON representative

To become an Avon Representative simply apply online and we will be in touch with no hassle or obligation.  If you would prefer a quick set up you can join Avon online with a quick and easy video chat.  All applicants need to be aged 18+.

Become an AVON representative and benefit from two ways to sell

Avon Brochure

The glossy brochures sell themselves simply show them to friends, family, work colleagues or you may wish to have an allocated territory to build your customers from.

Collect your orders and submit them every three weeks through to AVON online or via the phone.

You receive the goods with no payment up front and deliver them to your customers.

Collect in your money and pay AVON and yourself

Avon Online Store

Advertise and share your online store link using social media, email marketing, business cards, flyers etc

Customers choose you as their representative and can now shop online with you 24/7.

If they are within your specified delivery area then you can deliver the goods personally.

Any customers outside of your delivery area have the option to receive their goods by courier or collect from a parcel shop.

To Buy Avon Online

Simply click here to visit my Online Store and take a look at the very latest Avon Products.

  • I needed something that was flexible enough to fit around my young children. Being a mum of two, I wanted to be there for the school run, after school activities, school plays and events. I choose my own hours so this is perfect!

    Sarah Bowers
  • I needed to be local and have all of the school holidays off as I didn't have any other help with childcare. I don't know of any other opportunity that can provide this level of flexibility with this level of income. I am looking forward to spending more time building my business when my children are at school.

    Jane Morley
  • I was looking to earn an extra £50pw to save towards holidays for the children.  In my first 4 weeks I earned £225 and worked about 8hrs per week.  I was blown away how simple it was to do the work and could see how my income could grow substantially with some focus and effort.  I was lucky as the person who introduced me provided excellent training and has taught me to do the same.

    Mike Williams
  • I first started in January of 2016 and have consistantly earned £250 every 4 weeks.  The person who introduced me provided me with excellent support & training and runs weekly webinars for free to make sure I keep on track.  There's no pressure but plenty of help available to the people who want it.  I fit the work in around my young children whilst they are in school.

    Joanne Barclay
  • I was looking for some extra money as my retail hours had been cut.  I needed another £50 per week to balance my finances.  I saw the work advertised and spoke to Mike who explained the different ways I could make money.  He directed me to a well presented page with some short video content to watch, I was excited and got started right away.

    Abi Rees
  • I was looking to earn some extra money from home and had looked at a lot of work from home opportunities.  This one was clearly explained by Mike who promised to provide me with all the training and support I needed.  I didn't want to deliver catalogues so Mike showed me how I could make money advertising the products in the catalogue on Facebook, it was as simple as "Copy, Paste and Post".   I got started right away.

    Kay Baralos